Harmony Community Choir Singapore

The community has always been grappling with the issue of cliff-steep decline in support and engagement for children with special needs outside of the school system. In school, students are meaningfully engaged in academics, the arts and sports and through these activities, they develop functional skills and build important relationships with their peers and teachers. But what happens when they leave school at 18 years old? Where can they continue to build skills and develop their unique identities? Where are the avenues and opportunities for them to participate in social activities and create meaningful relationships and stay connected to the community? 

A group of artists, educators and administrators have come together to try to plug this gap. By starting the Harmony Community Choir, they hope to meaningfully engage young adults with special needs, in a casual, recreation and enjoyable environment, through singing and dancing. 

Dates: Every Thurs Evening
Time: 7pm – 830pm
Venue: Gateway Theatre Studio 1

For more information and to sign up:
Applicants will receive an email within 2 weeks upon submission if membership is confirmed

Interested volunteers can sign up here:

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Not in My Lifetime?

Not in My Lifetime? is an inclusive theatre performance, which explores the special education system in Singapore through the experiences of the teachers working in the sector.

Conceived by director Tan Beng Tian in collaboration with a team of creatives from diverse backgrounds and experiences in theatre making, the production aims to cater equally to both non-disabled people and persons with disabilities.

Audience members can look forward to an intimate and homely experience while they move around the theatre space together with the performers as the story unfolds. Through an interactive and engaging approach, the multi-talented performers will share candid anecdotes about the other education system in Singapore, one which is supposed to be ‘special’.

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