Gateway Arts will provide emerging arts collectives a platform for professional development. The collective will be given space and resources to create and develop their works.

The basis of this residency depends on a strategic alignment that sees both Gateway Arts and the arts company align in mission, core values and target market.

Applications are closed for this year’s Collective-in-Residence Programme. Look out for updates on next year’s programme application.

2020/21 Collectives

Bitesize Theatre Collective

Bitesize Theatre Productions is an up and coming musical theatre collective that is dedicated to creating important and relevant works for local audiences. Led by Rui Shan, Tanya, Terrance and Michelle, the Bitesize team believes in people of passion, compassion and dedication. We hope to provide an inclusive and welcoming space for young creatives to collaborate, create and make magic.

Work in development: The Monster in the Mirror

How do you love yourself? Ask any adult this question and they’ll find it hard to give an answer, much less teenagers who struggle with all of their insecurities and stress. Youths and teenagers, at their formative age, are exposed day and night to social media. Their own sense of self-worth is measured through superficial photos, likes and comments. Television and movies tell them that love can only be achieved if someone else loves you and completes you. But is it right or healthy for youths to grow up with that mindset? What then should the youths of today believe?

A comical but touching 90-minute original pop musical, The Monster in the Mirror seeks answers to that question. Through its funny dialogue, catchy songs and touching themes, this production aims to educate and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.


Five Stones Theatre

Five Stones Theatre is an interdisciplinary and international collective of artists who are dedicated to creating quality dance and theatre productions for children and young people.  Named after a popular traditional children’s game in Singapore, we seek to arouse curiosity and ignite the imagination of our audiences by providing them with ‘something a little different’. By connecting artists and audiences with a range of work that is honest, refreshing and thought provoking, we invite children from all cultures into a conversation about art and the world we live in.

Work in development: Dots
Project Lead: Isabella Chiam (Issy x Cher)

Dots is a story of a girl who goes on a journey of discovery and growth through the ups and downs of creating her own art. Inspired by The Dot by Peter H Reynolds, this production will combine movement, multimedia & interaction to tell a theatrical story about creativity, resilience and most importantly, the freedom of expression.

Recommended age: 5 to 10 years old

Work in development: Kopitiam
Project Lead: Bright Ong

Kopitiam is a story of love, separation and reminiscence. Set in a small coffeeshop that is run by an old couple, Kopitiam looks at how an old-school eatery has to deal with changes when one day, tragedy falls upon it. A show that tells a tale of life and love, Kopitiam looks to explore what it means to lose a part of us that we have always known, and how we will deal with the change as time goes by; and how do we treat the past as we move into the future.

This puppet show is a tribute letter to all that are familiar with the kopitiam, and a last glance at the changing landscape of our world as we inevitably lose another heritage icon.

Recommended age: 5 to 10 years old

(“Kopitiam” means “coffee shop” in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect. It’s a term that is commonly used in the region of Singapore and Malaysia, and usually refers to a standalone shop that mainly serves a style of coffee, tea and various types of toasted bread that is particular to both countries.)

Work in development: What Do You Do With An Idea?
Project Lead: Caleb Lee and Abigail Huan

This is a story of one small idea and the child who brings it into the world. As the child’s confidence and imagination grow, so does the idea itself. It slowly grows bigger and BIGger and even BIGGER until it cannot be contained. So, what will he do with it?

Inspired by the book with the same title, this whimsical dance-theatre production will take you on a journey to discover the amazing things that ideas can do and what they become. If you ever had an idea that is different, daring, or maybe even silly, this production is for you.

Recommended age: 3+