Artist-In-Residence (Individuals)

Gateway Arts Artist-In-Residence Programme supports individual artists who are keen to pursue their personal development as artists, are committed to developing specialized skills within their field, as well as committed to developing uplifting works that contribute to Singapore’s growing Arts Industry. 

If you are an artist in performing arts, visual arts or music, want to develop a piece of work, an idea or an artistic form, Gateway Arts wants to work alongside you (you may choose to work in a group). 

Applications are closed for this year’s Artist-in-Residence Programme. Look out for updates on next year’s programme application.


2020/21 Artists

Euginia Tan

Euginia Tan is a Singaporean writer who writes poetry, creative non-fiction and plays. Her third poetry collection, Phedra (Ethos Books) was nominated for the 2018 Singapore Literature Prize. Her play-writing credits include Holidays (under mentorship of Joel Tan), Tuition (Twenty Something Theatre Festival) and Modest Travels (produced by Tan Kheng Hua for Uniqlo).  She also pens curatorial essays and contributions for visual artists in Singapore.

Work in development: The Rat Trap

“Come on Pa. We are two big sized humans. It is one small animal. We can catch it!”

Catch The Rat Trap by Euginia Tan!
Live at Gateway Theatre: 26 - 28 Feb 2021
Online on SISTIC Live: 28 Feb - 7 Mar 2021

Tickets available at

Duration: 1h 30mins 



Tan Yanru

Yan Ru will graduate with a double degree from NUS in 2020. She’s a law major and psychology minor, but as most of her friends know, theatre is her true love. Her favourite past roles include O’Brian (1984), Ellen Toh (Mergers & Accusations) and Wendla Bergmann (Spring Awakening). She is so grateful and honoured to be working with Gateway Theatre! In her free time...pfft what free time?? She enjoys adding titles to her Netflix to watch list but never actually watching them and making travel vlogs. She thanks her family, friends and most of all, God.


Victoria Chen
Multidisciplinary Artist

Vic's multidisciplinary practice takes form as solo works or within collaborations with practitioners from various disciplines. She aims to work internationally and embraces the transient, inconsistent nature of life. Apart from acting on stage and screen, she directs, teaches and creates for people of all backgrounds and ages. Vic has trained in Australia, Iceland, USA, UK, China and Singapore, and draws inspiration from both Eastern and Western forms. Her works challenge the definitions of live performance, through the exploration of theatrical conventions as individual forms of communication. These works are situated within spaces that achieve a sense ephemerality and immediacy through film and recorded sound, and vice versa: retaining a sense of permanence in transient forms like live performance and interaction.

Vic aims to break apart cultural stereotypes through the presentation of unheard voices and narratives. She is currently an associate artist with Bhumi Collective. Find out more about her work on